Re: Custom coverplate engraving

My buddy Dan wrote:
>I got a call this week from a woman who wants to buy her husband (a cancer 
>survivor) a harmonica with a personal engraving on the top coverplate. She is 
>not particular about diatonic or chromatic, but the coverplate to be engraved 
>on needs to be fairly smooth to start out with. I looked at the Meisterklasse 

For my wedding, I gave my best man (a harp player) a new-old-stock handmade 
Meisterklasse (with the flat coverplates, not the MS concave ones) with an 
inscription engraved on the bottom cover.  It was not very lengthy, but it was 
done by the engraving place at the mall.  If you can locate them, you could 
replace the top cover with an engraved lower cover, since there are no features 
at all on the 580 bottom cover, and the top cover doesn't say much (I think it 
says Hohner Meisterklasse 580, no hole numbers, etc.).  I have a few of these 
parts lying around, but they aren't in suitable condition.  

The Meisterklasse chromatic would be nice, but it's pretty pricy!  Engraving a 
plastic CX-12 might be problematic.  

I'd suggest you find a trophy shop and check with them on what you can engrave, 
the type sizes available, and choose from there.  

- -tim

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