Minor pentatonic - wrong information

> By the way, the minor pentatonic scale includes
the same scale degrees
> as the major (1-2-3-5-6), with the exception
that the the third degree
> of the scale is flatted (e.g. in C, the major
pentatonic scale is
> C-D-E-G-A; the minor pentatonic scale is

That is not correct.

The minor pentatonic for C would be

C Eb F G Bb

Instead if a second degree, it has a 4th degree.

Not that you couldn't use the scale posited
above. But it's not the standard one that
everyone assumes unless told otherwise.

C major pentatonic and A minor pentatonic have
the same notes, just starting in a different

C D E G A // A C D E G

Just like every major scale has a relative minor
C major = A minor), so does every major
pentatonic. C pentatonic minor, for instance,
would have the same notes as Eb pentatonic major:

Eb F G Bb C // C Eb F G Bb


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