RE: Major Pentatonic

Hi Richard

I would be interested in having more information about your "Jazz Harp" book
(and I'm sure other people on harp-l would be too). What's the required
level? What does it cover?
I haven't found that much info on the web.



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> For those who are interested, my book "Jazz Harp" (Oak Publications,
> NYC) contains pentatonic scale exercises in 12 keys, notated for
> diatonic and chromatic harmonics (diatonic in 1st and 2nd positions).
> This scale is called the "major pentatonic," not the "Irish" pentatonic,
> and is heavily used in lots of Celtic and African roots-based music.  In
> "Jazz Harp," notated solos that make heavy use of this scale include two
> by King Curtis and one by Tom Scott (all tenor sax solos), and 2 solos
> by Stevie Wonder.
> By the way, the minor pentatonic scale includes the same scale degrees
> as the major (1-2-3-5-6), with the exception that the the third degree
> of the scale is flatted (e.g. in C, the major pentatonic scale is
> C-D-E-G-A; the minor pentatonic scale is C-D-Eb-G-A).
> It's a very useful scale.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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