Re: Speakers

ShMclendon wrote:
>IM looking at replacement speakers for a silver face champ { Stock Speaker 
>was an Oxford 8"} Jensen p8r4 and c8r4 [ the p8r4 and c8r4 are the 
>Replacements for the oxford} and Mod8-20.4
>Eminence Legend 8" {these are listed as best to build a 4X8 cab out of }
>Webers=== Cant Find a URL for them to look at ??

Not to address the questions directly, but, first, Weber's website URL is

And Angela Instruments is selling new-old-stock 8" Fender speakers for the 
Champ/Vibro champ.  Go to and click on the link 
to "Speakers" in the frame on the left, then on "Guitar Amp Speakers".  Only 

- -tim

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