IM looking at replacement speakers for a silver face champ { Stock Speaker 
was an Oxford 8"}
Jensen p8r4 and c8r4 [ the p8r4 and c8r4 are the Replacements for the oxford} 
and Mod8-20.4
Eminence  Legend 8" {these are listed as best to build a 4X8 cab out of }
Webers=== Cant Find a URL for them to look at ??
Now here is what i would like to know 
1...What were the Vintage speakers made from  in the 40 to the 60
2 Who is coming the closest to making them out of the same things 
3 What speaker would give me the darkest tone 
4 What is the difference between a Ceramic magnet and an ainico magnet
5 does any one have or handle the Stock Oxfords any more
looks like they stopped building speakers but is there any one who deals in 
NOS Oxfords 

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