XB-40 Q&A II

hey all,

   another question which has come to mind, though i kind of touched on this 
earlier, is how easy will this harp be to fix? considering the valves are 
inside a chamber, if one starts to stick, can we pop it open like we would a 
Special20 and do some open-harp surgery? the same question could apply to 
reeds going out of tune or just coming loose. replacement reedplates are 
another issue, as far as cost and availability. as more of us get used to 
doing a little under-the-hood tuning on our own, this kind of thing becomes 
more important.
   and so as not to sound like an ingrate, let me thank Rick Epping (and 
whoever else helped him) for bringing this thing to light. it sounds like it 
could be the biggest thing to happen in harp design since... well... the 
first harp!


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