XB-40 Q&A

hey all,

   like many of you, i've been watching this XB-40 thread with interest. and 
i'd like to pose some open questions for those people who are expecting 
their first XB40 in the mail at the end of this month. obviously, how does 
it play? (airtightness, tone, smoothness, etc) do you have to re-learn 
bending somewhat, or is it exactly like on your usual harp (what IS your 
usual harp?)? how does it compare to, say, valved harps or discrete combs? 
chromatics? for those of you who play chromatically on the diatonic, do you 
find the XB40 more or less preferrable to using OB and ODs? also, since it's 
rather expensive, i'm sure most people will only buy one key. which key did 
you buy? why? if you have more than one key, do find any advantages to one 
over the other? (range, tone, etc...) and lastly, i'm very concerned with 
the possibility, as i think IronMan Mike mentioned, that the reeds on these 
harps will die out quickly and it will be a monster to fix. any comments on 
  i, for one, find the idea incredibly exciting. i'm tempted to order one 
right now even though i'm broke and i owe the gov't money. maybe it won't 
revolutionize harp playing, but at the same time, it's hard not to wonder. 
it would be nice if those of you who've tried it or will try can help us 
with some first-hand advice.


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