Re: the Allman Brothers's Scale

> I believe that scale is also called the Major Pentatonic scale

I'm not sure there is a single scale known as Major Pentatonic, but I think
the scale most often referred to as major pentatonic would have the 4th
scale degree instead of the 2nd. So in the key of A, it would be:

A C# D E F#

This scale is the foundation of many bass lines in blues and rock.

Alec Drachman

> ><<  Not a blues scale. Not a blues pentatonic scale. Turns out they're
> >  playing the Irish pentatonic scale A,B,C#,E,F#. On the diatonic this
> >scale
> >  can be played in 2nd position, but it's different than the blues 2nd
> >  position.There's only one bend.
> >
> >  1D 2B 2D 3Dbb 3D 4D 5B 6B 6D 7D 8B 8D 9B 10D   >>

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