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 jaguire@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<< i want to go another Summit !!  ....repeat over and over ,  either pheonix
 or minneapolis fine with me , last i heard there was gonna maybe be one in
 ...only a lot heavier emphasis on  kickass manly amplified-style blues
 harmonica ( including chromatic ),
 .....the Howard stuff is wonderful but should be nowhere near as heavily
 weighted as the minneapolis summit >>

as there is a pleathora of instructional materials (books, videos, cds) 
covering blues harp, as well as many fine teachers available who teach blues, 
and as the interest of the principals who organized the summit extend past 
blues, this is probably not altogether realistic.
the wonderful thing about the summit was that it demonstrated just how much 
the harp is capable of.  who would've ever suspected klezmer music on harp?  
and it sounds great!  besides, many of the lessons are applicable to blues, 
no matter what context they are presented in.
i agree, though, that i'd love to see another summit...

steven j gatorman

ps...sorry for ending sentences with prepositions...

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