Re: the Allman Brothers's Scale

Amazing grace in two octaves fits exactly into this scale.

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I've been trying to learn the piano part of the Allman Bros tune, Jessica
(talk about a hopeless task). I couldn't figure out the notes on the piano
so I tried it on the harp. Still couldn't figure it out. It didn't fit the
2nd position blues scale. The jam is just an A chord and a D chord so I
figured there ought to be an A note and a D note at the very least. No D
note. Not a blues scale. Not a blues pentatonic scale. Turns out they're
playing the Irish pentatonic scale A,B,C#,E,F#. On the diatonic this scale
can be played in 2nd position, but it's different than the blues 2nd
position.There's only one bend.

1D 2B 2D 3Dbb 3D 4D 5B 6B 6D 7D 8B 8D 9B 10D

Try playing this scale along with Chuck Leavell's piano solo. It's a lot of
fun. Then fasten your seat belt and try to play along with Dickie Betts. I
never realised the Irish pentatonic scale could sound like that.

Rainbow Jimmy

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