Re: Sarasota this weekend?

At 08:37 PM 2/11/2003 -0600, James D Rossen and Dina Janzen wrote:
>Anyone know of good music, harmonica or not, this weekend in the
Sarasota area?
>Jim R

Concert-wise, all I see are Jimmy Buffet and Cher. :)  [She'll
drop into Tallahassee here on Thursday.]

Too bad you're not heading to North Florida this weekend, as I see
Charlie McCoy is doing a show in nearby Monticello at the rescued
and renovated, beautiful Monticello Opera House.  That's a $10
admission show on Saturday, the 15th.

Hm.  30 minutes from Tally... maybe I should check it out! :)

Try online, though, for Sarasota... just Google to "Sarasota
nightlife" or some such.  Here's a couple links... cut and paste
all if they don't wrap properly:

List with addresses and phone numbers of local pubs, clubs, etc.:

Sarasota nightlife:

[Honest!!  A real URL for "NIGHT CLUBS in the Sarasota/Bradenton

I'll stop there... you get the picture!

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