Re: Harp players reporting income?

>Tom Ball put in his stuff on this subject.
>> Bottom line: If you earn money from music, the wisest course of
>> endeavour is always to keep your own income records (as well as
>> records of all your legitimate expenses,) and not rely upon 1099s to
>> remind you how much you made. The IRS are not fools.  Nossir....
>> -Tom
>He's got that right.  I do this -- keep records and send out my own 1099s.
>The IRS has tried several times to tag me on income, but I send 'em
>complete xeroxes of every check (I take the club check and issue my own
>checks to band members) I gave to supporting musicians.  They quickly give
>up with an "Oh."  It's a pain, but I gotta say, it's satisfying to back
>'em off once in awhile.
>Cathi N.  (Didn't know it went up to $600 though -- kewl.)

  Just in case everyone is unaware, the employees at IRS get a "reward"
when they catch mistakes. As far as I know this is the only agency doing
this. It was begun way back as a means to insure that employees would be
(sometimes overly) zealous in their duties and not gravitate into a lax
attitusde. They are paid a percentage or "Finders" bonus..........smo-joe

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