Daily Almanac - February 11

Blues guitar and harmonica player Phillip Walker was born on this day in
1937.  Walker was playing professionally by the time he was fifteen and
recorded with many of the early greats of Rock and Roll including Little
Richard, Lloyd Price, Fats Domino and others.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Phillip Walker, please

Blues / Gospel singer and harmonica player Little Johnny Taylor was born on
this day in 1943.  Taylor has been performing since the 1950's and is often
confused with another Gospel artist who uses the same name.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Little Johnny Taylor,
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Birthday Greeting go out to list member Clifton Didway who was born on this
day in 1961.  Happy Birthday Clifton!!!!!!

Actor Lee J. Cobb died on this day in 1976.  Cobb was the winner of the 1926
New York City Harmonica Contest, held in Central Park.  He was offered a job
as the main soloist with the new group that contest judge Borrah Minevitch
was forming, but opted for an acting career instead.

Harmonica band player Bill Walden died on this day in 2002.  Walden played
the bass harmonica with the Harmonica Rascals, Pete Pedersen, Richard Hayman
and others during his long and wonderful career.

That's all I have for today.  Have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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