Re: harp-l working

>From: Cljdm@xxxxxxx

>It was in some strange way it was satisfying to learn a guy from my same 
>school got into the harp
>and all its great players similar to the way I had.

Hi Chris. It's pretty amazing that we met through harp-l considering how 
long (30+ years) we probably have had mutual friends and acquaintances. 
Better late than never.

Thanks again for inviting me up to play. It was a lot of fun, especially 
since you guys had the place packed and partying!

>This positive encounter probably never would have happen if it wasn't for 
>this list. Harp-l working at it's best!

It would be impossible for me to describe how much I've learned on harp-l 
about harmonica in terms of technique, performers, history, equipment, etc.

But as Chris says, it's the people you meet through harp-l that makes it so 

It really does change your life for the better.


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