Re: We all know about the TB technique but what about NB?

<<I could not get a certain tone quality in a draw bend. What happens is that 
as I get the embouchure shape needed to get the tone on this bend air starts 
to become drawn in through the nose as well. It is difficult for me to 
control this and  get the note right. Block the nose and problem solved. I 
can do this in a less conspicuous way by sort of cramming my fingers up 
against the nose>>

There is a voluntary muscle w/flap that does this for you internally. It is a 
glottal stop, and is designed within the human body to enable you to 
consciously close the gap between your sinus cavities and your throat.

Many people were never aware of this and have trouble finding it within 
themselves. Inhale with your mouth closed - in mid breath, keeping the 
pressure steady with your diaphragm, stop the air flow quickly. You will 
feel/hear a deep click from behind your sinus cavity. This is the flap 

Learn to control this and use it instead of your fingers/hand in closing off 
the nasal cavity when playing.

The Iceman

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