We all know about the TB technique but what about NB?

Years ago the in the first "real" band I played in I would sometimes pinch my nose shut with the index fingers as I played. This is easy to do when you are cupping a mic but looks a bit weird. The guys in the band told me it looked funny so I stopped doing this. The reason I did "block" my nose was that on certain draw bends I could really bend the note well with more control and less effort. This morning while practicing I was frustrated because I could not get a certain tone quality in a draw bend. What happens is that as I get the embouchure shape needed to get the tone on this bend air starts to become drawn in through the nose as well. It is difficult for me to control this and  get the note right. Block the nose and problem solved. I can do this in a less conspicuous way by sort of cramming my fingers up against the nose. My question is does anyone else do this or do I have freak of nature nasal passges? Is my technique just wrong and this approach is a bandaid? Will w!
e start seeing NB treads in the near future? These and many more questions inquiring minds want to know, okay, okay maybe I am the only one, sigh.

Thanks up front for any advice or help, AJ  


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