Re: Harp players reporting income?

In line with the earlier message on the above subject...

Please enlighten us on-list as to what the threshold is for music income on a 1099 here in the USA, if anyone knows.

Up until now, a certain harp player I know has been paid in cash for any and all gigs. This particular harp player never declared income or expenses and conducted business off the books, if you know what I mean....

This past Friday (which happened to be the harp player's 47th birthday), the restaurant owner insisted on getting the name, address and social security # of each band member before paying the band... (what a way to say Happy Birthday!)

Now this certain harp player is certainly no star and is not quiting his day job, but he did a number of gigs last year. 

Who has some experience here with the business end of things that could enlighten me (I'll pass on the info. to the harp player in question) and others)?

Andy Vincent

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