Harp players reporting income?

Hi Folks,

I was hoping someone on this list might know what to do about a little
tax problem I have. I'm not asking for free tax advice from harp-playing
accountants here - that would be presumptuous. Rather, I figure some of
you pros might have encountered this before.

Yesterday, I got a 1099-Misc in the mail from a club in my name only for
$3200. It should have been $800 to each of four guys in the band, but
the club's accountant screwed up. The form was postmarked Feb. 6th and
my understanding is that it should have been postmarked no later than
Jan. 31st. Anyone ever find themselves in this situation? What did you
do? Does their tardiness get us off the hook? Even if i get the
accountant to split it four ways some how, one of our members already
filed his taxes. Will he have to do an amended return?

I know this is borderline harp content. I'll try to redeem myself with a
couple of good harp related posts. If you think this isn't an
appropriate on-list topic, feel free to reply off list.

Thanks in advance.

- --
Alec Drachman

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