Re: vibrato

I think I can do a throat vibrato pretty well now.  I use the 
"machine gun" method--ah-ah-ah-ah--but I don't seem
to be able to change the speed.  It's pretty slow and
I don't seem to have any ability to make it faster.  I
wonder if that's a problem inherent in the structure
of an individual's throat--or maybe it's an age thing.
anyone have any suggestions?

More and more lately I've find myself using a vibrato
created by making my chin tremble.  It's taken a 
while to be able to do it on demand;  you have to 
kind of thrust your chin forward and constrict the
muscles iin there a little.  Seems to work and sound
better on the chrom than the diatonic.

Of course it helps a lot if you used to be a big
crybaby; something about muscle-memory I guess.
Does anuone else do this?

Neil, in Brea

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