Little Walter was Re: throat vibrato

I wouldn't like to say for sure with regard to Juke, but certainly on many of 
Little Walter's recordings there is audible amp vibrato, not just the 
exagerrated vibrato on "Going Down Slow". I'm pretty sure I'm hearing it on 
"Boogie", "You're So Fine" (the last note is the real giveaway), "Watch 
Yourself", "Come Back Baby", "Rocker", "Rollercoaster" & "I Got To Go". The 
effect is quite subtle on single notes & chords but the vibrato gives the 
warbles a real "blended" (although Walter already had a really smooth warble) 

Long before, and during,  the advent of on board reverb most manufacturers 
incorporated vibrato or tremolo into their amps. I'm not saying he didn't 
have a good vibrato technique, just that the effect on these tracks seems to 
be coming from the amps.

Regards, Mark B.

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