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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 16:51:51 EST
From: Wow71@xxxxxxx
Subject: vibrato

In throat vibrato is there a pitch variation or ahahahahahah a distinct stop
and go? Thanks,.......Kenny


Hi Kenny.
Description & tips on learning the technique are covered in the:
Harp On! Chromatic Harmonica Reference
Anglefire is only the free host.
IE I do ~not~ host or own ""

<quoted from The Chromatic Harmonica Reference website>
Vibrato and Tremolo:
Vibrato is the slight, rapid and regular fluctuation in the pitch of a note.

Tremolo is variation in amplitude, taken to the extreme a rapid repitition of a
note or rapid reiteration between two notes.

Throat Vibrato:
[technically this is Throat Tremelo/Tremolo (both are valid spellings)
but its usually referred to as Vibrato]

This takes some practise & developing but its quite doable with a months worth
of practise.

Start by simple opening your mouth and using the back of your tongue against
your throat to say
"K'...K'...K'..." like you're about to say "King" OR
"Gh...Gh...Gh..." like you're about to say "Goat" OR
"'ch...'ch...'ch" as in the "Lochness Monster".
Whatever works best for you. Try to keep a slow rhythm. Practise regularly. When
you can keep a constant rhythm going for a half minute or so its time to speed
to soften it so that the harsher part of the consonant is lost, but without
losing the definition of the vibrato. As you keep practising try to increase
your pace. Increase it to a point where you're just about tripping up, and keep
at that for a week, and so forth.

(Thanks to Paul Farmer for teaching me this technique)
© 1999 - 2001, Harp On! G.

That said, its quite possible if you are adept at bending notes using TB that
you could also use actual Vibrato by employing a regular smooth TB bend up and
down in pitch.

Its also quite possible what is written on my site should be corrected to refer
to Throat Tremolo, and I should really get around to adding the throat bending
technique to the site as well.

Either technique require a good amount of practice.


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