no harp: gear for sale

Hi all,
I'm briefly stepping away from the workbench to unload some gear that is 
sitting around.
I have a Premier outboard reverb unit for sale. It is in very good cosmetic 
The unit was overhauled in 2001. The only mod done to it was the addition of 
a ground plug. $225 + shipping.

I also have a 1965 Fender Champ for sale. Well taken care of.  Sounds great. 
Was serviced in 2000. Only mod was a ground plug added. It does have an older 
replacement speaker but I don't know the brand. Selling for $200 + shipping 
since the speaker isn't original.

I would love to keep the gear but I'm in a bit of a cash flow problem until I 
get my old house sold. I would sell some mics but I can't find where I packed 

US sales only. Postal money order or cash only. 
Please reply offlist.


Michael "Fathead" Easton
Chromatic and diatonic repair and restoration @

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