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> Eric wrote:
> "What is the suggested tube set up for the Pro Junior. I'm looking to use
> as a practice amp and possibly at some small room gigs, where I've been
> using my Blues Junior. I play mostly Chicago style blues."
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> Any tube swaps you might do could allow for more headroom and perhaps
> the amp to "do it's thing" better before the feedback monster comes a
> calling. But the swaps will not make it a different amp or give it a
> different "tone," whatever that means. What mic are you using? That will
> make a difference. If you're using a high-output bullet-style mic such as
> JT-30 or Shure 520, I'd suggest either two 12AY7 preamp tubes or two 12AU7
> preamp tubes. Same with a 545S. I know, though, that BBQ Bob M., doesn't
> swap any - I hope that he'll add his 2 cents to the conversation. If
> using a Shure SM57 or 58, you may not need to swap out any tubes at all.
> Also, as far as the Pro Junior being a "practice amp," keep in mind that
> this is a VERY loud amp for its size. From 1996-98 I used to play bar-room
> gigs with mine unmiked .... and that was in a band with a guitarist (who
> used a Blues Junior), bass and drums (and I wasn't a very resonant player
> then; I reckon I could get even more volume out of it now). In practical
> terms, my Pro Junior didn't seem to me to be any less loud than my
> guitar-playing buddy's Blues Junior.
> MN

On my Pro Junior, to again clarify, I replaced all the Russian and Chinese
made tubes for NOS US made tubes in the same corresponding numbers. This is
is EXACTLY the same wattage as the Blues Junior, and I have often used it on
gigs in clubs 99% of the time unmiked.If you do decide to change to a
different tube number, the only thing I would do is replace the 1st 12AX7
with a 12AY7/6072, preferably a black plate, 5 star NOS GE. You may get
somewhat more volume before feedback, but its more personal taste than
anything else. I use a crystal Astatic JT30 (Rod Piazza modified with thye
5megaohm volume pot with the cap across it), and turn the tone control ALL
the way down. This amp is alot more powerful than you may think. I
personally find getting the Chicago blues sound is almost idiot proof with
the Pro Junior, but with the Blues Junior, it reminds me too much of a Mesa
Boogie, where it feels like I have to spend an hour getting the right setup,
and besides, the reverb unit in those amps, IMO, sound kinda cheesy, and the
fat switch is absolutely unnecessary for harp, and I also despise master
volume controls because with its ability to get distortion, in return, you
lose your dynamic touch with master volume controls. The onky thing I'd
really suggest swapping is if it has a ceramic ferrite magnet speaker, get
it replaced with an alnico magnet speaker (The ones made untiol 1995 used
the EXACT same speaker that was used for years in the Bassman RI's).

Sure, you can use this as a practice amp, but it' gonna be a LOUD practice
amp. Better off using thre original Pignose, Honeytone, or better yet, a
pre-CBS Fender Champ for that purpose, as these are less than 10 watts (5-8
watts), and the Pro Junior's 15 watts seems more like 25-30 the way this
thing puts out from my personal experiences owith since I first bought it in

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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