A crummy story - superficial harp content

> A True Story (worth reading)

That story was horrible!  Don't read it, here is a summary:

1)  God creates a bad kid.
2)  Bad piano teacher tries to dump him.
3)  God kills the kids mother.
4)  Now the kid can play the piano.
5)  Then God kills the kid along with hundreds of others in Oklahoma.

This is the worst of the "God's love is revealed through horror" genre of
religious clap-trap that I have seen.

Here is an outline for my own story with obligatory harp content:

1.) Sam is born without any musical ability.
2.) Sam tries and tries and manages to imitate something musical.
3.) Sam's Dad is murdered.
4.) Sam play "Amazing Grace" and "Taps" at Dad's funeral.
5.) Everyone is deeply moved, except Dad.

Now call everyone in the phone book and tell them this story.  It will break
the monotony.


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