Re: harp-l working

Thanks Harp-L

I will say that harp-l has done a lot for me not only as a harp player but
as a musician in general. There's a lot of useful info here! I know a lot of
people HATE for people to disagree but it's great to see more than one
perspective. I have heard a few comments that "harp-l is useless". Though
I'm not quiet as techey or sophisticated as most here, in general I can NOT
think of one thing that has opened my mind more. But I don't sit around and
read books, internet stuff and videos all day.. When I'm thinking about harp
I'm usually playing. My practicing and gigs are my main learning source and
harp-l is 2nd. And I will say I have learned a lot here. I don't see a need
for anything else. This list possibly has 1 million years of experience
(including all our years together) so what could be better?Thanks everyone
for posting.

OK folks you can now wipe your eyes and go on with what you are doing, lol

Vince Cheney

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