Re: harp-l working

At 10:43 PM 2/6/2003 EST, Cljdm@xxxxxxx wrote:
>This positive encounter probably never would have happen if it 
>wasn't for this list. Harp-l working at it's best! 

And of course, remember there's two sides to this fun... Chris met Jimbeau
AND vice versa!  kewl!!!

To be sure, there are hundreds of sides to it!  The majority of my friends
today were generated thru Harp-L contacts.  One Spring day in 1995, this
guy from England signed on and I said "Hi!"  Soon after, he asked, "Want to
design a new chromatic harmonica with me?"

Yeah, Harp-L is purty durn kewl, alright!!!

Hey, Chris!
Hey, Jimbeau!
Hey, You Know Who!

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