Re: Small Harp Amp Princeton Reverb

I have been wanting a black face Princeton Reverb for years. I played
through one while filling in for someone else. They guy was sick and already
had his rig set-up from the night before. Man I remember the band had to
come up to me and tell me... "Vinnie the show's over... can you turn that
thing off now".. Though the crowd loved the long show the bar owner was
scared of having the crowd in after hours (they get fined here). Man that
amp rocked! I check Ebay every now and then and I gave up my chance at
buying one in PERFECT/NEW condition for $800 cause it was WAAAY more than I
had at the time and I think I can find another one day.. The trouble is
finding one when I have the money, lol... I still LOVE my Dean Markley
Spectra 2X12 at 60/120 watts. Man that's my favorite amp yet, but the watts
and the weight are about the same, lol....

I don't take handouts!!!! BUT if anyone is giving away a black face
Princeton Reverb today I will consider making an exception, lol!

Vince Cheney

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