Re: Gold Tailed Bird

Thanks much to Bob, Stephen, Tom, and Scott.
Now that I've got the time, I'm starting to compile material for a live365
station or two and want to include undiscovered classics, hard to find and
obscure material. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Staggerin' Jim

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> I had written:
> >  According to, Jimmy played harp himself on the Shelter
> >  recording of Gold Tailed Bird.  See:
> >
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> I just received a message from Scott Dirks:
> got this one wrong - it's Bill Lupkin on harp, who last
> I heard, was still active leading his own band in Indiana.  BTW,
> there's also some uncredited guitar by Jim Kahr on that LP.  Both of
> these guys were members of Jimmy's regular band at that time, but
> because they were otherwise unknown, their names were left off the
> credits in favor of the more well-known sidemen who appeared.
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> Hmm... interesting.  Thanks, Scott, for the correction.
> THX,
> TB

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