rechargeable batteries, was Re: Wireless

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 04:47:55 -0800
From: "IronMan Mike Curtis" <ironman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: rechargeable batteries, was Re: Wireless

I use NiMH rechargeables in my wireless.  Even the 7.2 volters will work
just fine.  The ONLY problem I have is that, when they die, they die FAST.
Normal alkalines drop gradually, and the transmitter alarm comes on in
plenty of time.  Rechargeables stay constant until just about dead, then die
completely during one half of a song.  The solution is simple - keep a spare
handy.  I use two wireless - one for guitar, one for harp.  I have a total
of six rechargeables, so I have two spares for each at any given time.

Hi there Mike,
I bought a set of NiMH rechargables for my Harp Commander and effects pedals
after I realised that they pay for themselves after three uses or so.

The NiMH packet says they don't develop "memory" unlike the NiCd batteries.  I
haven't used mine long enough to have an opinion on this.  But because of this I
recharge the batteries fully before using them so that they don't go flat.  At
the moment they've got around 6+ hours of continual life in them which makes it
pretty safe to use them in this way.

What is your experience with them?

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