RE: Small Harp Amp

|Chris Hammond asked Bob:

|Did you do any tube subs on the Pro Jr to get the tone you liked?

You didn't ask me, but...
Mine is a stock tweedy, w/ the blue speaker, stock tubes, AFAIK.

I play through a Green Bullet (dynamic), A Johnson CB Mic (Shure dynamic
and a no-name crystal in a "shower-head" (Turner) housing.
The crystal is twice as hot as the GB, and real problematic, as far as
feeding back, but MAN the SOUND, when you can get it all under control.

I keep the tone on O, and run the volume between 5 & 12 (very rarely 12) for
the dynamics, but with the crystal, I can't crank past about 3-4.

And of course, the tighter the cup, the fatter it sounds.

I have plugged in a 4X10 Bass cabinet - makes it sound HUGE.


- -Dane

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