Going Wireless

If you want to just *try* wireless without dropping a bundle of dough -- a good 
rig sells for hundreds of dollars new -- you can pick up a cheap Chinese 
manufactured wireless setup for less than $20.  I got one off ebay.

These are not in any sense professional grade systems, they are susceptible to 
all manner of interference, have a limited range, don't allow selectable 
frequencies to avoid other wireless devices, and have notoriously crummy 
microphones.  But they do work, you can usually plug in a different mic, and 
they can give you a sense of what I wireless can do for you.  One combination I 
like is to use a tieclip lavalier mic with the wire run up my sleeve and 
plugged into the belt pack on the back.  The receiver sits on the amp, and can 
be plugged into a power supply.  It can be good, cheap fun!

- -tim

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