Re: rechargeable batteries, was Re: Wireless

Hi Mason;
If it's a critical set, I just change to a fresh battery just before the
set.  Plus I always keep spares handy.  If it's REALLY critical (like radio,
TV, etc.), I'll use a new alkaline.  On my normal nights, I'll change
batteries once.  They give enough warning to gracefully exit a solo.

I also keep track of my batteries.  Any that don't last the full time get
set aside for other non-stage uses,where it's not as much of a problem to
change them.

The nice thing about NiMH's is that they don't have a "memory" effect like
NiCds, which need to be regularly deep discharged.

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>        I use a bullet hooked to a diversity to a reverb effects pedal to
> a bassman. What I like about it, no feed back. Workin the crowd is
> great, but riddng that damn feedback bug is it.
>       I've tried using the rechargeables, but they die at the worst
> time. Having two would be good, I'd just have a few more wires to deal
> with. Great idea Mike!
>        Mason

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