Re: Small Harp Amp

G. wrote:
"Check out the Spirit Harp Pro, about the price of a Blues Junior, but its 
10" speaker, all tube (preamp, power, rectifier), harp ready."


The Spirit Pro may be a fine harp amp, but at $695 I wouln't say it's "about 
the price as a Blues Junior." The BJ goes for $384.99 at Musician's Friend 
online, and some are $375 new on Ebay, and less than $300 if they're used.
Vince, another small-amp option is the Hurricane amp, which I believe the 
late Rock Bottom helped design. Their V-8 is a class A single ended output 
that pumps out 5 watts into a 4 ohm 8 Inch Jensen speaker. It features 
volume, tone, and a line-out jack. Tube compliment: one 12AX7, one 6V6, one 
5Y3. Size: 12 inch X 12 inch X 6 inch. Weight is 15 lbs. They also make a 
larger V-10. In this one, two cathode-biased output tubes deliver 15 watts 
to a 10" Jensen. The V-10 has a distortion switch that modulates the output 
section and has volume, bass, treble, a line/out jack. Tube compliment: two 
12AX7, two 6V6, one 5Y3. Size: 19" X 15" X 9". Weight: 20 lbs. Their site is 
<>. Hurricane also sells a 
chrome bullet-style mic for $89. For the record, I haven't tried ANY of 
their products, just letting you know what's out there.
Incidentally, regarding small custom harp amps .... Mark Baier of Victoria 
Amps told me that they've made a few Champs with 10- and 12-inch speakers, 
some that ran on a single 6L6. The point is, Baier (and I would imagine ANY 
of the boutique guys) is willing to work with the customer. Not at all 
cheap, but as the esteemed Tony Glover wrote, it's your bread, bloweth as 
thou please.

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