Re: Harp Tuners

> Do they make a good tuner for under $75 that I can use to tune harps with?
> I'm looking for something to tune a few of my Lee Oskars to "Just". Does
> anyone have a clue? I know of the strobe tuners but they cost a few more
> cents than I plan on paying.... Anyone?

I'm very happy with my Seiko ST 747-200. You can calibrate it from 435Hz to
446Hz. It can read the lowest notes on my 64 chrom and the highest notes on
my F# diatonic. But the coolest feature is that in the upper left corner of
the display, it reads out exactly how many cents sharp or flat you are. With
the ability to tune notes exactly 2 cents flat, etc. I've found it very easy
to create just tuned harps.

These tuners are very inexpensive. I think mine was $20 at Elderly. Of
course it's not as accurate as a strobe, but it is the most accurate digital
tuner I've used, and I've owned 5 or 6 different models.

Good luck.

Alec Drachman

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