Harp in the Studio - POD 6

I was "in the studio" in the past few weeks playing harp and recording a CD 
with a blues band. This is a 1st for me. I got what I felt was a good sound 
using my regular amp (Kendrick Texas Crude), with a delay pedal and either a 
Shure green bullet or an ElectroVoice 630 mic. The engineer mic'ed my amp. 

The guitar player used his regular amp and got sound we weren't happy with. 
Last night, back in the studio, the engineer suggested the guitar be tried 
through a POD 6 direct to the board. It sounded much better to us.

I was dying to try it but the meter was ticking and I couldn't wrestle the 
POD 6 away from the guitar guy. Anyone have any experience recording *harp* 
using the POD 6? Or any POD 6 into the PA live gig experience?

Andy Vincent

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