re: Applying Sight-Reading to Shortharp


Your advice and website [ ] 
is very helpful. Thanks.

I've been having some trouble figuring out what to
click on to see the different harp layouts. The url
you sent took me directly to a ~C~ layout. What does
one click on, starting from your homepage, to get

Again, some intricate and helpful stuff. Not at all
only ~overblow~ info. Which, btw, is part of the
beauty of- and obviously the inspiration for- your
website: ~Learning to play chromatically~. 

It occurs to me that I learned lots of other scales
first before I learned my 2nd position major scale
[always -except the blues scale-practicing in 1st
position]- - - because I thought I was missing that
~Ti~ note. The combination of learning overblows and
~thinking in sofege method~ makes learning more
streamlined. I'll be keeping an eye on your site. It's
infinitely practical, and exactly suits my present,
fits and starts, course [learning to apply
sight-reading to diatonic harp].

Good, detailed work,

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