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I have the AKG WMS40 up on eBay right now. The item number is 2505755686.
 This rig works great for harp and has an advertised battery life of 35
hours. YMMV.

...nothing beats a hot rod

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I've used a Sampson for about a year now.  I use it for the entire gig and
have had no problems.  I used to keep a corded mic ready in case of failure,
but I don't anymore.  I trip over cords a lot less now!  I use the one that
is angled for a stratocaster with the switchcraft to 1/4" adapter on my

There is a gain control that can get pretty distorted if you crank it way
up.  The transmitter uses a AAA battery and I change it every other gig for
precaution (I just started using rechargeable).  The base unit uses a 9 V
(or power adapter) and it has an indicator when the battery is low.  I
change it about every 5th gig.  I'm going to spring for the AC adapter.  If
you unplug the base unit, it shuts off, but the transmitter must be turned
off when not in use.

Our guitarist used an AKG "bug" system (similar to Sampson) this weekend
that worked great for him.  I think the cost is comparable.

No interest in the products endorsed; your mileage may vary.

Kevin Taylor

> Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 19:06:43 -0500
> From: "Chris Hammond" <dawgawntired@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Wireless
> Any recommendations on a wireless setup?  I have seen these
> samson airline
> things that look like they require no beltpack.  Is there
> such a thing as an
> "unobtrusive" wireless setup for microphone?
> So, if I put that mic through a Wireless system, doesn't that
> change the
> whole impedance mis-match relationship?
> How will that affect my sound?

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