Re: Comb Material [revisited]

 Well, it looks like Gatorharp & Datadigger win a "Prize" cookie.
 Yes, I WAS springing a trap! I purposefully worded MY sentences in a way
that I could change the one FROM "there is NO difference" TO "they sound
the same", thereby changing the NEGATIVE  statement to a POSITIVE.

 Since it has been decreed that "Onus" is on the positive, THINGS HAVE
TURNED AROUND. How does it feel?

 Gator & Data just reinforced my statement AND renewed my faith in mankind,
This is no surprise to me as I have ALWAYS considered them to be "Brainy"
guys.  smo-j

Hello Gatorharp,
>Monday, February 03, 2003, 7:54:45 PM, you wrote:
>Gac> does "they sound the same" count as a positive statement?
>heh heh...
>Phrased that way, the onus would be on the person who said they
>sounded the same.
>The person who said they don't could sit back and wait for the proof.
>I'm not posting an opinion on whether they sound different or the
>same, since I think any diffference possible would be overshadowed by
>technique and amplification but that's just my opinion. I'm far more
>concerned with longevity, tuning and action/playability.
>I like the _weight_ of an aluminum comb, for instance, if that's what
>the Promasters have.
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