Magic Dick Tunings and other tunings are located at...

Pat Missins web site - "altered states" The tunings 8.1 to 
8.5f, about 15 different ones are listed as Magic Dick Tunings. There may be 
more Dick tunings too, I am no expert...

A very interesting tuning site is at  this site 
was just discussed in Amercian Harmonica Newsletter. Magic Dick tunings 
begin at 8.1, double click on 8.1 and 15 or so others will come up 
underneath it. The Big Band is the 8.2g Aeolian version of 8.2.  Trust me 
this site will surprise you with its content.  It also gives credit to both 
Magic Dick and Pierre Beauregard who created the tunings and hold the 
patents on them. My hat is off to those two, many thanks for the hard work.  
In addition to the Magic Dick tunings all of the other Altered states 
tunings are listed on the overblow site.

The overblow site is by "Tinus" who also resides at  Nice 
work on the site Tinus I believe it will be much appreciated by all the 
Harpers out there.


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