Speakers config and amp tone

Disclaimer:  I know having the right amp isn't going to give me Kim 
Wilson's tone, Sonny Terry's chops, or make me an overblow master. 
 Having said that, I'm an obsessive personality, and right now I'm 
obsessed with knowing all there is to know about harp amps.

I've been looking at amps in the 35-45 watt range, and I'm wondering how 
various speaker configurations with the same wattage will compare.  For 
example, the Vibrolux Reverb and the Bassman RI are about the same 
wattage (40 vs 45 actually), but the Vibrolux is 2X10 while the Bassman 
is 4X10.  This means each speaker in the Vibrolux is putting out twice 
the volume as a speaker in the Bassman.  Does this higher volume affect 
the overall tone (sound timbre what-have-you) of the amp?  If one were 
to build a 1X10 45 watt amp, would it sound as good as a Bassman?  

Further, with respect to the Bassman vs the Vibrolux, they actually use 
the same speaker.  I would assume that in the Vibrolux, the speaker may 
be somewhat over-driven at high volumes whereas in the Bassman, it would 
be under-driven at any volume level.  Would this affect the sound 
quality and/or tone of the amp?

Roy G

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