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> Anyway, to the point:
> I had one heckuva time hearing myself. I was standing right next to my
> but smack in front of the guitar player's (Fender Twin?) amp. How do you
> veterans deal with this situation, if there's not a mike for your rig, and
> you don't have a louder amp in the car?
No doubt, there are guitar players, and IMHO, far worse electric bass
players that play way too loud, but on the othern hand, consider this. Most
harp players tend to run the bass on the amp REAL high, especially guys
using Green Bullets. The high bass setting is often used to make the amp
break up more. The problem with this is, that much like electric bass
players, with low frequencies being heavily amplified, when you stand
straight in front of the amp, you feel like you're totally drowned out.
However, often times if you move 20 feet away from the bandstand, you may
shocked at what you're hearing. You may find yourself to be the loudest SOB
(pardon my "non-French") on then bandstand. Whenever I use my wireless and I
can't hear myself well on the bandstand, besides being a great showmanship
tool, it has allowed me to walk in the audience REALLY hear what the
audience or a good soundman hears, and there are many times I was quite
surprised that I was THE loudest one on the bandstand. Certain stages and
room acoustics can play some serious tricks on your ears. If you've got at
least a 20' cord, walk out into the crowd during a solo and get a REAL hard
listen. You may be a lot louder than you think you are.

Also, are you using an over the counter ear plug set? Often those take off
far too much in the wrong frequencies.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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