Re: Comb Material [revisited]

Douglas t wrote:
"My reasoning is simply that the steadier you hold the reed plates the less 
added noise you get from the reed plate flapping about."


An aside, NOT meant to become part of the materials debate or as comment on 
Douglas' methods for his fine chromatic harmonicas:

I've long thought that - rather than the wood combs - it is this very 
"flapping about" that is a great part of what gives traditional 
nailed-together Marine Bands their distinctive tone and response (another 
strong factor, IMHO, is the open-end design of the cover plates). So after a 
fair bit of tinkering, now the only mods I do to my Marine Bands are giving 
the disassembled comb a shot of two of Minwax water-based polycrylic 
sealant, setting up the reeds, opening up the fronts of the cover plates, 
and drilling the ends of the harp so I can attach the cover plates with the 
Hohner MS screws. I keep the reed plates nailed to the comb rather than 
drilling 'em out and "upgrading" to screws .... the aim is to preserve that 
characteristic flapping about. YMMV.

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