Re: Reading Music

> Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 13:36:52 -0800 (PST)
> From: Robb Bingham
> Subject: re: Reading Music
> The comments in the last digest on ~Reading~ are
> unbelievably helpful. Many thanks to all [JP, Ron,
> Iceman, Rob P, Glen, Roger] who commented. [BTW : so
> far NO ONE has suggested that it is
> debatable/undesirable whether or not one
> SHOULD learn- so please don't cut and paste
> any diatribes from the past. :->].
> Meanwhile: Any thoughts on the particular perspective
> of diatonic/richter harp and better reading skills are
> really appreciated. Not just as far as transposing,
> but in having a ~template/mindset~ for switching from
> one harp/position to another when needed. Thanks
> again.
> Robb

Getting started with C only is fine IMO, but you should learn to read in all keys eventually.
I'm writing a book right now for Mel Bay which is a collection of all the harmonica columns I've written for Sing Out! magazine, and is preceeded by a section
that teaches reading music. At first I use the key of C only. I wrote out some fiddle tunes and blues transcriptions (there's  Horton, LW, SB II in the book) in the original keys, though, so whever a new key is introduced I provide a chart with the note/hole correlations in that key. The book only overs a few keys, but maybe I'll write an appendix with tables of notes/holes for all keys unless that info is out there somewhere else. Does anyone know if this readily available in print?

Glenn Weiser

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