Re: Comb Material [revisited]

>Smokey-Joe wrote:
>tL>    For some (strange) reason, whenever this subject comes up, it is ALWAYS
>tL> suggested the the person who feels that there IS a difference in sound
>tL> should be the one with the burden of proof. WHY?
>Well, take unicorns, for instance. Ther reason the onus is on those
>who assert the positive is this:
>It hard to prove a negative, if not impossible. As with unicorns, the
>onus is on the one who says there IS a unicorn to produce or show just
>one. The person who says there ain't is under no obligation to scour
>the universe making sure.

  See, here we go again. WHERE IS THIS "NEGATIVE". Some people feel there
IS a difference..and this is a "Positive" TO THEM.

  Some people feel there IS NO difference..and this is a "Positive" to THEM.

  Clever use of Unicorns is a veiled attenpt at "snowjoborallism".......smo-joe

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