Re: Shure SM57: Underappreciated Harp Mic? ( aka a piece of Jason Ricci's tone signature)

I have to disagree with this one. I sat in with Big Al and The Heavyweights
for a tune right before Jason went solo. His unique tone and sound has very
little to do with his mic. He uses a SM57 cause his bassman (like all of
them) break up all on it's own very well and the 57 clarifies exactly what
he is doing on his harp. His horn type tone and sound come from his
technique. It's not much different w/o his amplified set-up. I used his
set-up that night and I didn't get that Jason Ricci sound. It's a totally
different set-up when a different player is using it.

PS: Though your right... the SM57 is a wonderful mic and the perfect choice
for Jason!

PS2: I will add that Jason Ricci is one of the best harp players around

Vince Cheney

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