Re: Comb Material [revisited]

> Not to be harsh, but none of the testimonials sent to the list in the
> last few days come even close to beginning to reach the criteria needed
> for accurate testing (unlike the two SPAH tests, which while not at that
> level, at least understood what was needed and attempted to achieve
> such), and should be considered as such.  Whether comb material makes a
> difference is still in debate, but I would argue that anyone who
> believes it does has the burden of proof rather than the opposite.

I am not trying to convince anyone. Nor am I willing to finance a research
project, lol. If I had that kind of money I would invest it on a good set of
harps w/ an acrylic comb... I'm just a player. I was just telling everyone
on harp-l that there is a difference in sound! Now if anyone wants to prove
that we all three are deaf or liars.... go ahead! I will testify that we had
3 people in that room the other night and we ALL could tell there was a
difference (though the only thing different on each harp was the comb)! I am
not an engineer but I have ears.

Vince Cheney

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