Re: Ability to read music

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> Serious players of any kind should learn how to read, period. Glenn Weiser 
> <A HREF="";></A>


I don't see many illiterate novelists being taken seriously by the literary 
community, I think there could be something to that. I have seen long threads 
on this list about how harmonica players are not taken seriously and this is 
one reason why. If you cannot read music or effectively understand 
rudimentary music theory, most musicians outside of 16 year old garage punk 
bands will not take you seriously. Infancy is cute, but there comes a time 
when you gotta get out of the cradle and learn to walk. If you want to be 
taken seriously as a musician and not some weekend weiner who spends more 
time on tube subs than his actual playing, then learn to read music.


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