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> I take it from the mic threads that a majority of us use crystal vs ceramic
> element bullet mics.  I've been plenty happy with an Astatic "Crystal 
> Balls"
> mic for years, but this week, after wearing out the new Jason Ricci CD 
> "Feel
> Good Funk" I've gotta say the underappreciated old SM57 contributes a
> unique, even signature tone to Jason's playing, with it's sort of upper-mid
> frequency peak and a brightness that seems to get lost with most "Chicago
> style" harp mics with their richer bottoms, low mids, and subdued highs.
> I've never A-B tested a '57 against my mic but plan to now. Anybody else
> given this some consideration?  I wonder how the new ones stack up to the
> old.   Seems like it (the SM57) has a wider, ?more versatile repertoire of
> tones, while that of the bullets is narrower from the tonal standpoint.  
> The
> "horn-like" riffs on Jason's CD have a timbre that stands out, and I'm
> guessing the mic was a factor, (his huge tone and ease running across the
> overblows is even a bigger factor of course!)
> Jason, if you're watching, congrats on the exceptional CD, (especially for
> the unbelievable harpwork on my favorite cut, Driftin' and Driftin'.) I'd
> like to hear the details about what was used (besides Mike N's Bassman RI!)
> for the tones on the CD, and maybe your two cents on how you arrived at 
> this
> mic, which the rest of us have probably used only to mic amps in the past!
> Don Zeller

The funny thing about Jason is that he sounds good through whatever he plays. 
When Jason was down here in Florida during the Holidays, he sat in at a 
monday night gig I had and he just tore the place down. He still sounded like 
himself even though he was playing my rig (Brown Supro amp with 8" speaker 
(12ax7, 6V6, 5Y3), and a Biscuit mic). Jason came back and subbed for me at 
that gig a week later with his own rig (Kalamazoo Model 2 and a Shure 57) and 
he still sounded great, so whatever it is; its not really the equipment. 

I will say though that the Shure 57 is an underappreciated harp mic, and is 
right up there with all the greats (I have A/B'ed it with JT30's, Shure 
545's, an Astatic Biscuit mic and I still say it can match them all) in my 
opinion. It cramps the hands after a while when your hold it though, and I 
wish it came with an on/off switch. Again though, let me say that every harp 
player should have a Shure 57 whether it be for micing amps or just blowing 
harp through. Its one of the best mics IMHO for just about any job. 


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