RE: Reading for Shortharp

And to think I used to give Ironman a hard time. You
said it man.

Now. As to reading music. Can any of you guys who take
gigs where ~reading~ is a plus tell us a good way to
approach ~getting better~. I read the staff enough to
get me through hymns/carols when I'm in doubt of which
way the note goes, and for how long to hold it etc..
But I'm having a hard time imagining how any musical
director could give you sheet music for shortharp
[chromatic is different. That I understand]. I mean, I
suppose they don't care what position you play in as
long as they get the ~quality~ they're looking for,
but I can't imagine a Chevy or Levis commercial
handing a bluesharper his score. It's pretty
complicated to chart out all those slides in and
around some of the best sounds of a richter-tuned

Anyway. My question is; What does it look like? Do
they really have all the notes they want you to play
charted out??? Can one of you guys describe a little
what they actually give you [Mike, Richard, Iceman]???
Or are they just glad that you can follow the score
and know where you are as opposed to the rest of the
musicians etc?

Also: Any tips for focusing on reading proficiency
that helps harp in particular?

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