Re: Perfect Harp

I just pulled in from Memphis where I caught up with Tim Northcutt (a custom
harp man). We discussed customs and most importantly Tim showed me about
everything I need to know to get a harp to respond the way I want.

So I just learned a valuable lesson... If I want a "perfect harp" I must
open her up and make it happen myself (unless I want to give a lot of money
elsewhere). I love Tims harps (Hot Rod Harps) and I still can't get a harp
to respond 1/2 the way Tim does, but if you don't like something about your
harps, open it up and change it to you! I'm still learning but adjusting a
the reed offsets (to very low) only takes about 10 min and it tightens up
the harp and makes it very responsive. Very simple work and the rewards are
great.. I just wished I would have popped the hood a few years ago!

Vince Cheney

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